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TUS Airways is a Cyprus-based scheduled and charter airline established in 2015. It operates a fleet of A320’s to destinations to and from Cyprus‚ Israel‚ Greek islands and centre of Europe

The airline was founded with the vision to provide better access between Cyprus and neighbouring countries in the Eastern Mediterranean with high frequency schedule during the day‚ comfortable‚ economic and alternative flights.

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Engineering Safety & Compliance Manager


TUS Airways is inviting candidates to submit their CV applications for the following position based in the beautiful island of Cyprus!

Engineering Safety & Compliance Manager

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the development, administration and maintenance of the engineering safety and compliance function, as part of the MS, on behalf of the AM
  • Act as liaison to the Cyprus DCA for all CAMO safety and compliance monitoring activities
  • Establish and maintain a Compliance Monitoring Program which addresses all the areas of TUS’s maintenance support
  • Ensure integration with the TUS Management System
  • Manage and develop the maintenance occurrence reporting system in coordination with the SCM and conduct safety incident investigations
  • Amend the Exposition and monitor regulations monthly or by subscription
  • Ensure all contracted activities are performed in accordance with signed agreements, regulatory requirements OEM procedures and industry/company standards
  • Ensure the performance of audits and inspections according to the Audit Plan, filling of compliance documentation, control of appropriate and on time performance of corrective actions and evaluation of corrective actions effectiveness through the follow-up process
  • Ensure the independence of the engineering compliance oversight functions
  • Ensure the continual review and improvement of the engineering compliance and safety function
  • Maintain a continued feedback system to the AM regarding the adequacy of the engineering
  • Safety and compliance function, ensuring that deficiencies and non-compliances are identified, root cause analysed, and the appropriate corrective/preventive actions put in place in a timely manner
  • Attend the Safety Review Board and Safety Action Groups to provide briefing on engineering quality activities
  • Provide periodic data evaluation reports on the organization’s engineering safety and compliance performance as an input to the management evaluation
  • Develop and manage the financial budget for the engineering safety and compliance department
  • Establish, maintain and promote Safety and Compliance awareness
  • Advise the management team on engineering safety and compliance matters
  • Coordinate and communicate (on behalf of the Accountable Manager) on engineering safety and compliance issues within the organization, as well as with Cyprus DCA, external agencies, contractors and stakeholders as appropriate
  • Conduct risk assessments and management of change
  • Measure safety performance, through the development, recording and analysis of safety performance indicators (SPI’s) and targets (SPT’s) and for safety improvement
  • Record and analyse any deviations from Company standards and take necessary actions for any significant trend identified from safety performance measurement
  • Performance of audits to the sub-contracted maintenance organizations
  • Performance of internal Engineering activity audits
  • Conduct aircraft inspections


  • Practical experience and expertise in the application of aviation safety standards and safety operating practices
  • A comprehensive knowledge of operational requirements and procedures
  • Five years of relevant work, at least two years of which should be from the aeronautical industry in a relevant/similar position
  • A relevant engineering degree or an aircraft maintenance technician qualification with additional education acceptable to Cyprus DCA
  • Knowledge of a relevant sample of the types of aircrafts gained through a formalized training course
  • Excellent knowledge of maintenance methods
  • Excellent knowledge of applicable regulations
  • Proven excellent communication skills in English (both in writing and speaking)
  • Excellent computer skills

Candidates interested in applying for the above position should submit their CV applications with supporting documentation through our website by 29th February 2024.  All applications will be handled in confidence. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Flight Operations Assistant


TUS Airways is inviting candidates to submit their CV applications for the position of Flight Operations Assistant, based in the beautiful island of Cyprus!

Reporting to the Head of Operations Control, the Flight Operations Assistant is responsible for preparing, controlling, coordinating, and supervising the TUS Airways flight operations, providing support, briefing and assistance to the Commander in the safe conduct of the flight operations.

This position plays a vital role in the achievement of TUS Airways Safety, Security, Compliance and on Time Performance targets.

Take your career to new heights with TUS Airways by submitting your application to be our Flight Operations Assistant!

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Must  maintain  knowledge  of  current  TUS AOC  specifications  and  comply  with  such  limitations / conditions
  • Responsible for the overall oversight of all OCC activities during his or her shift
  • Assisting the Commander, in flight preparation, providing operational information, preparing the operational and ATS flight plans, and filing the ATS flight plan with the appropriate ATS unit
  • Providing the Commander, while in flight, with appropriate information that may be necessary for the safe conduct of the flight
  • Analyzing operational conditions and identifying any opportunities that may impede or benefit operational capabilities, including, but not limited to, weather, facilities, Air Traffic Control, and aircraft performance
  • Analyzing operational and meteorological conditions to evaluate and determine the safest and most efficient minimum fuel required for the flight for consideration by the commander
  • Providing, when requested or deemed necessary, the Commander with a thorough and professional flight crew briefing, covering all significant information which may impact the operation of his or her flight
  • Soliciting, interpreting, and maintaining current flight and airfield conditions reports to provide flight crews with the latest operational information
  • In the event of an emergency, initiates procedures as outlined in the CRPM, while avoiding taking any action that would conflict with ATC procedures
  • In the event of an emergency, conveys, by all available means, safety-related information to the Commander that may be necessary for the safe conduct of the flight, including information related to any amendments to the flight plan that become necessary during the course of flight
  • Taking all necessary actions in case of emergencies, accidents or incidents
  • Monitoring the progress of flights, and taking suitable action in case of diversions, flight delays, and unfavourable weather reports at departure and destination airfields, thereby minimising the reactionary effects on day-to-day operations  
  • Updating daily the Crew Flight and Duty time database
  • Informing the Director of Flight Operations, or his or her deputy, of any discretion reports
  • Ensuring that fight following is maintained on the operations of all Company aircraft
  • Monitoring and implementing changes to aircraft mass and balance information in the software database and/or other relevant documents required for flight
  • Ensuring that the flight and crew schedule is in accordance with the Company’s flight time limitations
  • Initial screening of Flight Reports, and taking any necessary immediate action, as required
  • Ensure understanding of, commitment to and compliance with the TUS Safety, Security and Compliance Policy
  • Ensure that all safety, security and compliance requirements are observed
  • Comply with EASA regulations, Cyprus DCA requirements, Company standards and procedures and local laws and regulations in all locations where operations are conducted
  • Provide timely feedback to the organization with regards to any safety or security incidents or accidents, safety hazards or security threats through the Company reporting system
  • Adhere to safety, security and compliance policies and procedures detailed in MSM and Company manuals
  • Ensure compliance of Standard Operating Practices against relevant regulatory requirements and organization’s compliance requirements
  • Commitment to TUS   Air Fatigue Management program and principles
  • Participate in CRPM exercises and deployments as per Company policies and procedures and in accordance with assigned duties as outlined in the TUS   CRPM
  • Any other duty as assigned by the Head of Operations Control


Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Working experience as an assistant in OCC activities in commercial air transport; or experience in the airline aviation industry will be considered an asset
  • Excellent command of the English language, both verbal and written
  • Computer literate
  • Organizational skills with a methodical and considerable approach to problem solving
  • Must be able to demonstrate understanding of the importance of Safety and On Time Performance, with experience of working under his or her own initiative and under considerable pressure
  • Be a strong supportive team player
  • Have satisfactorily completed all company training requirements as prescribed in OM Part D
  • Have demonstrated proficiency in the performance of the applicable OCC activities
  • After a period of satisfactorily completion of all company training requirements, this role will operate in a shift roster pattern

Interested candidates should submit their CV and application by 15th March 2024.

Due to the large volume of applications only short-listed candidates will be called for the recruitment evaluation following the closing date as stated above.

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